Local Craft Brewery Partners with Beer Paws to Benefit Animal Shelter

Every month the pet and beer specialty store Beer Paws partners with KC Bier to benefit a local shelter. From 6 pm to 9 pm, $1 from every pint of select draft beers goes to support a different rescue organization. The authentic German biergarten is filled with well-behaved dogs of all shapes and sizes, along with their families. It’s hard to be lonely in a crowd of dogs, and the crowd is consequently friendly. Tonight, Great Plains SPCA was on hand in the authentic German biergarten to spotlight two of their adoptable pets. Luke and Irene, eminently adoptable and heart-meltingly cute two-month-old siblings mingled with the crowd to make friends and seek a home. Their odds of finding a home during the event are low. People come for the beer and the canine companionship, and aren’t usually looking to adopt, according to a volunteer from the shelter. But the event raises funds and awareness for the organization.

If you are looking for a dog-friendly happy hour and can make it to Waldo, be sure to check out this event. The next Yappy Hour on September 18 will benefit the KC Pet Project.

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