Happy Thanksgiving from KC Pet Collective

This Thanksgiving, KC Pet Collective is thankful for our canine companions, Wesley and Kawai. They keep us laughing, keep us moving, and make us happy. Our nest isn’t empty because we live with a pair of great dogs.

Wes came to us four years ago, in our first year as Kansas Citians. He was left in his carrier at the door of the St. Joseph Animal Shelter. His owners did not provide an explanation. We met him at an adoption event. He was subdued and nervous, but what a face! The St. Joseph shelter is a kill shelter, and he was in his last few days. When we rescued him, he had the worst tapeworm infestation we have ever seen. After we treated him for the tapeworms, he regained his spirit and became the sweet, beautiful dog he is today. Now 4 years old, he is the dog everyone stops on the sidewalk to talk to and pet. Thanks, Wesley for sharing your open-hearted good nature with us. You make us better citizens.

Wesley in a red bandanna. He's a cover dog.
Wesley is so cute he would be a perfect cover dog!

If Wes is our social coordinator, Kawai is our bodyguard. Kawai joined our family this May. His previous owner listed him on a border collie rescue site. It’s common for people to get a border collie and then realize they are in over their head. Kawai’s owner was no different. He really didn’t have the time or the will to socialize and train Kawai appropriately. It’s hard to believe that Kawai growled and nipped at us when we first met him. He didn’t let me touch him for hours. We knew it would be a challenge to bring him back to the city, where he would meet strangers at every turn. The first few weeks were difficult, but we managed to keep him out of situations that could put him or others in danger. He’s a smart guy. After a short course of training and desensitization with a professional trainer, he has adapated to city life. He’s still no social butterfly, but he rarely growls at strangers, and he even lets people touch him. At home, he’s funny and energetic, and he loves to play games with us. Thanks, Kawai, for bringing energy back to our household.

Border collie Kawai shortly after we brought him home.
Our border collie Kawai, shortly after we brought him home to Kansas City

Don’t forget to be grateful for the pets that make your lives richer this Thanksgiving.

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