Ferrets and Donkeys at the Great KC Pet Expo

Ferrets, hedgehogs, donkeys, and birds

Did you know that there are local rescue organizations for ferrets, hedgehogs, donkeys, and birds? These local groups, vendors, and entertainment were featured at the Great KC Pet Expo this weekend. Hundreds of pet owners and enthusiasts came out for the opportunity to learn about these groups and browse products from local pet companies. The Canines in the Clouds stunt dog team thrilled the audience at six performances. This team features rescue dogs turned canine celebrities in high-energy stunts.

Local Rescue Organizations

Our favorite event of the day was the ferret demonstration by the Kansas City Ferret Hotline Association. This group was founded in 1992 to educate people about ferrets, but it quickly became a rescue organization as well. Today, the group can accommodate up to 90 ferrets at the main shelter.   The group provided a very unbiased discussion of ferret ownership.  Presenters were very clear in their message that ferrets are not for everyone.

BeaknWings Pet Bird Club of Kansas City was also on hand with several parrots.  This group also rescues and rehomes parrots.  Unfortunately, the demanding nature of bird care and the long lifespan of many birds cause many owners to give them up.

Lusco Farms Donkey Rescue of Iowa had donkeys and a pot-bellied pig on hand.  This organization was founded in 1999 with one donkey.  They have rescued over 80 donkeys.  One thing to know if you are thinking about bringing one home:  you can’t adopt just one.  Donkeys must have an equine companion.

Another unusual pet that unfortunately often ends up in shelters is the hedgehog.  There’s a local rescue group for them, too, Kansas City Hedgehog Rescue.

Great KC Pet Expo Event Review

Overall, the rescue organizations were the best of this expo.  We also enjoyed learning about some local products.  The contests were engaging, but the number and variety of vendors was disappointing.  There were too many home design vendors.  The Pet Expo should be about pets, not windows and gutters.  IThe exhibition space where Canines in the Clouds performed was set up in a corner, and consequently only a small number of spectators were able to have a good view of each performance.  The event is overpriced for its size, at $8 per person.


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