Two Taste-tested Homemade Dog Treats

Recipes for homemade dog treats are easy to find on the internet.  It’s harder to find recipes with nutritional information, and homemade treats can rack up big calories for your pet.  Recipes always claim to be easy to make and tasty for your dog, but we all know that easy and tasty are relative. This weekend, KC Pet Collective put two recipes to the test.  For those who feed grain free, there’s a truly simple sweet-potato chew.  We also made carrot apple dog biscuits that contain wheat flour and oats from a popular recipe on Pinterest.

Sweet Potato Chew (Treat)

sweet potato dog treats, chews, baked, recipe
Sweet potatoes make a simple dog treat.

This one from hardly deserves to be called a recipe. Clean a couple of medium sweet potatoes. Slice them lengthwise in 1/4 in thick slices.  Bake in a single layer at 250 degrees for 40-45 minutes on parchment if you have it.  That’s it!  One ingredient, a kitchen knife, a cookie sheet, and an oven are all you need.   The Pinterest recipe I used for this is titled Sweet Potato Chews.  However, my Border Collie took 4 minutes to eat a full-sized slice.  For a medium or large dog, these are treats not chews.   Do dogs like them?  We gave them to four dogs.  Three dogs loved them, the other wasn’t interested.  Sweet potato treats are a good option for low-calorie treats.  An entire medium sweet potato has only 102 Calories.* We got about 6 treats from each sweet potato.  Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, too.

Apple Carrot Dog Biscuit

carrot apple dog biscuit dough, dog treat, recipe
This carrot apple dog biscuit dough is a lovely orange color.

We modified this recipe slightly. The original  recipe included two tablespoons of brown sugar. Dogs don’t really need the extra sugar, so we left it out.

We also chose to leave the apple skin on for the additional fiber.  Be sure to core your apple before grating.  Apple seeds aren’t good for anyone, dogs or people.  The original recipe can be found at The Reluctant Entertainer.   You will need flour, oats, an apple, a couple of carrots, vegetable oil, an egg, and water.  This recipe is also easy to make, and you can cut the biscuits in any shape you prefer.  With the carrot and apple, the dough is a lovely light orange color.

Be careful with this treat.  All that flour, oil, and oats make this recipe high calorie.  An entire batch is approximately 2000 Calories.  For our biscuits, we used a standard round cookie cutter and got about two dozen biscuits.  That’s about 83 Calories each.  Do dogs like them?  Yes!  All four of our taste testers loved these treats.  You may be tempted to try these yourself, but be warned.  They are nearly tasteless for us humans.

This recipe would make good training treats. Just make the cookies smaller so that you can reward your dog more often while you train.  You can find more tips and tricks for using treats as training tools at

While you enjoy these recipes, remember to check that any ingredient you add to a dog food or treat is safe for your pet.  Avoid grapes, raisins, chocolate, artificial sweeteners (especially xylitol), and some kinds of nuts.

*We used Spark Recipes nutritional calculator to estimate the energy content of our homemade dog treats.  All values are approximate.

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