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Why Pets, Why Now?

20643263_103770263670763_3982611965194700834_oWe started KC Pet Collective to meet two primary needs in the Kansas City metro area. First, a single source for all the pet-related events is a necessity in an area with so many wonderful activities that may be missed when people don’t know where to find information about them. We hope that you will find our new events calendar to be useful. Initially, we may miss some items as we are learning more about our community. Please, let us know about your event and we will add it.

That brings me to the second reason for KC Pet Collective. We believe that people need a safe place to come together around a common interest. Politics and other differences bitterly divide us, but pets make us smile and bring joy. Pets are common ground, and we want the KC Pet Collective to bring people together. We encourage you to jump in and participate in our community. Respectfully post comments, send photos, and make suggestions for discussions. We will be out and about in real time, too, making connections and supporting local events. We hope to see you soon.

Please like and follow our website. If you enjoy our posts, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, too. Help us get the word out about this new resource for Kansas City!

Welcome to the KC Pet Collective! Join us!

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The KC Pet Collective will be your home for all the news, reviews, and resources to help you and your pet make the most of what Kansas City has to offer. More of us than ever before are moving into pet-friendly neighborhoods, homes, and apartments. Pets are here to stay and make our lives richer every day.   The KC Pet Collective aims to provide an online community where pet lovers can connect with each other and discover new opportunities to learn and play.