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Your Pet’s Fitness Is a Matter of Habit

Your pet’s fitness is a matter of habit, and the habit must be yours.  Your pet relies on you to make sure she gets regular exercise and eats properly.  Like any habit, exercising your pet consistently will require commitment from you.  Don’t worry.  We have some tips for making the habit stick.


You may have heard it said that goals should be measurable.  People are more likely to meet goals when they can quantify their progress.  That’s partly because we tend to over or underestimate our efforts, depending on how much we like the activity or choice.  To make monitoring work for your pet’s fitness, you need to quantify how much time you spend exercising your pet, or track your pet’s activity through some other means.

There are several excellent fitness apps and monitors on the market for dogs.  Depending on your budget, there is a monitor that will work for you.  We like Babel Bark, an inexpensive monitor and free app.  You may also log time manually, or record your mileage with your dog.  However you measure your dog’s activity, set a goal to increase it gradually.


It’s a well-known fact that we tend to do what we make time for in a schedule.  If helping keep your pet fit is important, it’s key to schedule some time each day to make this happen.  Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, put exercise time with your pet into your daily agenda.

Get Accountable

Many people are better at sticking to habits when they are held accountable.  Making a goal public or simply having a friend act as an accountability partner can increase your chances for successfully keeping a new habit.  Similarly, being part of a group that meets in person or communicates online can help give you the accountability you need.  You may find it easier to consistently exercise your pet if you make a date with a friend and do it together.

Through the Fit2BPawsome Challenge, you will find tools to help you monitor your dog’s fitness.  You can go public and get accountable by joining the Challenge and participating in the Facebook group discussion.   Schedule daily activities with your pet and make your pet’s fitness a habit now.

Babel Bark is a sponsor of the Fit2BPawsome Challenge.

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